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Laila Wah
Laila Wah OMD is. for more than 30 years. an Educator and Doctor of Acupuncture and East chinese nameAsian Medicine, which includes Traditional Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture (Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture), Trauma Acupuncture, Wah Atsu Zen Shiatsu (Wah’s method of Shiatsu), Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine, and related adjunct modalities such as earth crystals, cranial adjustments, visualization/meditations during treatment and Reiki and Seiki. Registered and licensed in the State of Pennsylvania, Wah is recognized as a pioneer in her field, and she remains on the cutting edge in the field of alternative medicine in the Tri-State area. Outside of the United States Wah has led workshops and practiced in Paris, France, Morocco and Spain.

Wah founded, developed and directed The Gautama Institute for the Healing Arts, Philadelphia’s first professional school with a three year training program and certification in Shiatsu. Her school and classes were recognized by the AOBTA – American Oriental Body Therapist Association, of which she was a representative from Pennsylvania. She also developed a two year professional training program with Ted Kaptchuk, OMD, author of The Web that Has No Weaver, and research programmer at Harvard University for Alternative Medicine, on Chinese Herbal Medicine, which was recognized by the NCCAOM. Many esteem teachers in the field of East Asian Medicine were guest lecturers at The Gautama Institute for the Healing Arts. Among them were Dr. Leon Hammer, MD and Psychiatrist, Kiko Matsumoto, and Stuart Kutchins. At The Gautama, she also developed a Teacher Training Program in Shiatsu.

Using Traditional Acupuncture, Wah is one among few trained persons in the Tri-Statearea, who offers Cosmetic Rejuvenation Treatments, Facial Acupuncture, a non-surgical face lift. Wah opened The Bucks County Pain Clinic for Alternative Medicine. Currently she has three treatment locations: two in Bucks County and one in Philadelphia and serves a wide spectrum of cases and patients. One major treatment focus is on Pain Management, and Women’s Health Concerns – preand post menopausal conditions, fertility, pregnancy, pre and post operative care, and trauma – both physical and emotional.

Wah received more than ten years of training in Traditional Acupuncture, Chinese and Western Herbology, and East Asian Medicine, and studied with imminent teachers from around the world at the Tri-State College forTraditional Acupuncture in New York City. She graduated cum laud with the school’s second year class. Wah also studied at theTraditional Acupuncture Foundation in Columbia, Maryland (the Worsley School), The Gautama Institute, The East-West Foundation and the Gaia Herbal Research Institute. Wah was the first graduate of the Ohashi Institute for Shiatsu at its inception in New York City.

Among some of her trainings, she studied with Master Shizuto Masanga for advanced Zen Shiatsu training, and with Master Kishi for Seiki. She did Reiki training with Wesley and Barbara Baulk. Special trainings were also done in Pulse Diagnosis with Dr. Leon Hammer, author of Dragon Rises and Bird Flies; Tongue Diagnosis with Stuart Kutchins, OMD; Hand Morphology with Dr. Yves Requina; Chinese Herbology with Ted Kaptchuk, OMD, author of The Web That Has No Weaver; Western Herbology with Simon Mills, MA and Edward Berk DP. Electrical Acupuncture with Paul Davis, R.Ac.; Eight Extra Channel Diagnosis with Kiko Matsumoto, OMD, “Eight Curious Meridians” with Dr.Ngugen Van Naghi ; and special training in Auricular Therapy for addiction cessation – NADA’s Addiction Detoxification with Paul Zminsky, OMD, PhD., She practiced Addiction Detoxification at Girard Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Wah also developed a Shiatsu Certification Training Program for Bucks County Community College as well as presenting related health workshops, such as Infant and Children Shiatsu Massage.

Lecturing at major hospitals, such as Presbyterian Hospital, Graduate Hospital,Osteopathic Hospital, St. Agnes Hospital, Crozier Hospital, Franklin Hospital, Aria Hospital; and schools such as Jefferson Medical School, Penn College of Pediatric Medicine, Rutgers Medical School, the former Hahnenmann Medical College, Temple University Nursing School, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey; and speaking at special interest centers such as The Center for the Advancement of Cancer Education, PA Physical Therapy Association, PA Hospital Psychiatric Division, The Cancer Center; and appearing in the media on programs such as “Good Morning America”, Fox Philadelphia, “AM Philadelphia, Channel 29, Channel 59; radio programs and segments on WWDB, WXPN – Meditation segment for “Paradigm”; she has been featured and written for magazines and newspapers. Carol Saline of Philadelphia Magazine did a featured article on her in the issue on “The New Medicine”, May 1993. Wah contributed to “Hands on Healing” in Prevention Magazine and has written for other magazines and newspapers.

She continues to write on health concerns and conducts workshops for consciousness expansion. Wah is also a Feng Shui Practitioner and Space Clearing Master. The disciplines are related and have at their core the same values and teachings. East Asian Medicine is founded on the Principles of Harmony and Balance. These are tenets in Buddhist teachings. With the spread of Buddhism from Nepal and India into China, Japan and Korea, came too, the healing disciplines. Each Asian country has their own unique approach to Acupuncture, herbal treatment, and hands-on healing.

A Testimony - “I have known Laila Wah for many years and she has been a force for healing. Everything she does is with truth, compassion and understanding, and her knowledge is shared. Thank you, Laila, for your healing and your peace which has helped me enormously.” – Norma Jean Aberman

Laila Wah, OMD   267-306-0143 

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