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bridgeHealing Wisdom is a comprehensive, holistic healthcare practice offering a wide variety of therapies, including Individualized Acupuncture, including Facial Acupuncture, Acupuncture for Pain Management, Acupuncture for Emotional Issues, Acupuncture for Reduction of Chemotherapy Effects; Therapeutic Shiatsu, Herbology, and adjunctive therapies such as Chakra Balancing using Earth Crystals, Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathic Remedies, Reiki and Seiki, Essential Oils, Cranial Movement, Nutritional Supplements, Visualization and Meditative Practices, with Basic Nutritional Counseling based on East Asian Medicine, as well as appropriate suggestions for Lifestyle Improvements.

The philosophy of Healing Wisdom can best be summed up by the Chinese Philosopher and healer, Chu Ming. “The Tao of Health is Balance: the opening, the receiving, the going in, the letting go.”

At Healing Wisdom we believe that physical and emotional health are achieved through Balance and that we may regain Harmony and increase our energy, vitality and strength by healing those things in our body and in our mind that have become blockages.

At Healing Wisdom, we rely on a number of ancient approaches to health and healing. Much of our practice is based on Eastern teachings and protocols. Some of the therapies we offer are also referred to as “alternative” to conventional or Western approaches. In truth, they are the original therapies, and Western medicine is the new kid on the block. Based on your diagnosis of constitution and condition, we may recommend a combination of therapies. This combination of modalities lends a synergistic dynamic to wholeness and health. In our practice we use the Eastern model that focuses on the Mind/Body/Emotion connection that accepts the complex integration of human emotions and their expressions in un-wellness, when chronic, becomes a specific illness. We see you as a unique ecology of systems which must be carefully tended like a garden. We work together. Your activity and follow-through are a very important part of your therapy improvements

officePatient therapy options focus upon multiple therapies for whole body, whole person healing. You don’t have to be sick or injured to benefit from a treatment. Boost your immunity and keep focused, healthy, strong, resilient, alert and energetic. Treatments are beneficial between seasons, Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter, Winter to Spring. A treatment before air flights reduces jet lag and exhaustion as well as contracting a respiratory infection on board the flight. Any major physical performances or intellectual presentations are enhanced by treatment. Actors and athletes, dancers and musicians use Acupuncture to help their performance levels. If you are a student, treatments help combat fatigue, help mental acuity, and keep you healthy. If you are in the corporate world, performance is highly important and you can benefit from these treatments to raise you effectiveness.

Look and be your best! Imagine a life where you stay well and happy. You have the power to choose to make this your new approach for living well.

A Testimony - “Ever since I started seeing Laila, I’ve been off all meds and don’t have any of the health problems I use to have – and that’s 22 years of being well! – Norris Roundtree

The Way is forever nameless.” – Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

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