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Wah-Atsu Amma is a component of East Asian Medicine. It is both a diagnostic tool as well as a clinical application. Tui’na is an age old physical therapy which addresses body mechanics, and is one of the Pillars of East Asian Medicine. Acupuncture, Herbology, Nutrition are other pillars for health and well-being. Wah-Atsu Amma makes direct cutaneous stimulation to the body with hands and fingers, and employs such techniques as finger pressure, kneading, percussion techniques, stretching, and adjustment movements akin to chiropractic and osteopathic therapies.

A boon of Wah-Atsu Amma massage is that it increases serotonin level, which elevates one’s moods, and releases the neuro-hormone oxytocin which reduces stress and anxiety and promotes feelings of well-being.

The premise of East Asian Medicine notes organic disorders reflect themselves upon the body’s surface as well as below the surface. Subtle changes in body energy happen long before a named illness is given. Symptoms arise which tell the tale of imbalances in body systems. Persisted, chronic symptoms lead to named disorders and diseases.

The basis of Wah-Atsu Amma and Acupuncture is balancing Qi, (Chi), pronounced “key”, the Vital Life Force Energy, inherent in all living things. Wah-Atsu Amma’s various techniques are found in such modalities as deep tissue massage, chiropractic, cranial-sacral, osteopathy, rolfing, reflexology, kinesiology, Reiki, and Seiki. A manipulative and alignment correctional therapy, Shiatsu promotes circulation of blood and lymph, and relaxes the parasympathetic nervous system. Wah-Atsu Amma assists restructuring muscles, employs range of motion testing, and utilizes Acupuncture knowledge. It is suitable for a wide range of concerns such as maintaining wellness, sports injuries, pain management, back/neck pain, headaches/migraines, digestive concerns, female difficulties, pregnancy, trauma, emotional concerns, and is an excellent baby massage.

As nerves supply every part of the body they control all bodily processes. Consequently, direct neural stimulation given to specific ancient shiatsuelectromagnetic energy fields, or pathways known as Meridians, have correlation and direct effect on all organs. Electrical impulses transmit to the spinal cord and lower centers of the brain, then reach to the dysfunctional or disease areas. These energy fields are moving the Qi, the Vital Life Force Energy. When Qi is healthy and moving well, the body/mind/emotions are in balance. One’s Spirit Qi is Harmonious. Qi that is disrupted produces symptoms which indicate the person is not well, or out of balance. A chronic state of imbalance gives signs of pain, cramps, migraines, fever, chills, nervousness, anxiety, and all the symptoms of illness.

By making cutaneous stimulations of pressure on wide areas of the body, such as on the back or on smaller highly charged “acu” points, such as on the face, Meridians/Energy Channels relating to various organs such as the heart and lungs are stimulated. These highly concentrated energy areas on the body surface are call tsubos, or acu points. They trigger psycho-physical responses through peri-cutaneous neural stimulation by hand and finger manipulation, muscle meridian stretches or skeletal adjustment. Dysfunctional points may be spontaneously tender or tender under pressure and manipulation, but disappear when the imbalance is corrected. Shiatsu harmonizes and tones the metabolism of the body. Where there is excessive, stuck or Stagnant Qi, Wah-Atsu Amma application drains it off. Where there is Deficient Qi, Qi is drawn to that area and bodily function. The body/mind/emotions come into balance. Receiving Wah-Atsu Amma has a cumulative effect, like getting interest in the bank. The natural curative function of the body and immune system are enhanced. Wah-Atsu Amma also brings into balance the emotional and psychic centers. A mental sense of well-being enters one’s life. You experience a greater capacity to enjoy life fully with increased self-awareness, confidence, personal power and inner peace. The ability to move through difficult experiences becomes much easier, for there is less fear, anxiety, resistance and inner turmoil.

It must be stated that gentle Wah-Atsu Amma is very suitable for the elderly who are frail, and or bedridden. The treatment is non-invasive and the quality of touch is to be comforting and non-aggressive. Even the gentlest of touch can have good effect. Constipation, back and neck pain, headaches, restless legs for example can find relief.

A Testimony - Laila Wah is an all-purpose Oriental Healer. She does acupuncture, herbology, Wah-Atsu Amma, homeopathy and even more far-out therapies like lifestyle counseling, moxabustion and Bach Flower Remedies…” – Carol Saline

The highest goodness is like water. Water knows how to benefit all things without striving with them.” Tao Te Ching,     --  Lao tzu


“The hands that touch the child reveal everything to it: nervousness or calm, clumsiness or confidence, or violence.” – Frederick Leboyer

Wah-Atsu Amma massage (T’ui-na) is wonderful for infants and small children and helps promote a healthy child. The greatest sense in our body is our sense of touch. For infants and small children it is tantamount. The surface of the skin has an enormous number of sensory receptors which respond to the stimuli of heat, cold, touch, pressure, and pain. Loving constructive touch upon the child’s skin increases the development of their brain and its functions. Infantile cutaneous stimulation exerts highly beneficial influence upon the immunological system. It also increases the child’s sense of well-being and self-worth. This is a good, non-invasive treatment because little children are physically immature. Their meridians, energy lines relating to all organs, are not fully developed. Their organs functions, such as stomach and lungs, are tender and delicate, as well as the formation of their small bodies, and its Qi, Vital Life Force, are not completely developed.

There are about 100 special infant T’ui-na points. They are the core repertoire used at the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Basically there are four categories of disturbance in infants and small children:

Benefits of Wah-Atsu Amma for infants and children:

Stimulates brain development
Calms the nervous system
Stimulates healthy digestion, elimination
Reduces abdominal pain/colic
Promotes healthy appetite
Calms coughing and chest congestion
Reduces night crying
Enhances the immune system
Reduces gastric complaints
Strengthens the meridians
Promotes good sleep patterns
Protects against getting colds and flue
Reduces fever
Promotes a sense of well-being

I met Laila Wah in 1983 in a three year Shiatsu Certification Program, The Gautama Institute for the Healing Arts, which shiatsushe was the Director and Creator. In the 32 years I have known Laila, her unwavering character has not changed, her level of commitment and devotion to her field, to her patients, students and colleagues is demonstrated on a daily basis; the admiration of her is earned and respected by many. From that day forward Laila has always been an inspiration to me and even now in my retired life in the field of Massage Therapy. Laila is my mentor, trusted acupuncturist, and I am honored to endorse her professional skills as an educator and doctor of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine.” – Hank Tavares

The Spirit of the fountain dies not…” – Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

Do-In- Self-Shiatsu

On the home-maintenance level is Self-Shiatsu called Do-In which is self administered. Specific points (acu) are pressed along the energy channels (meridians). There are also a set of stretches called Makka Ho Exercises which stimulate the 12 basic Organ Energy Systems: Lung/Large Intestine; Stomach/Spleen; Heart/Small Intestine; Urinary Bladder/Kidney; Pericardium/Triple Heater; Gall Bladder/Liver.

A Testimony - When I met Laila, I was combating a rough illness. She helped me with Wah-Atsu Amma and kindness to get through the tough period so I was able to stabilize myself with treatments and nutrition and some lifestyle changes. -- Charlie Wills

The light is not in the body alone, nor is it only outside the body. Mountains and rivers, and the great earth are lit by sun and moon; all that is this light. Therefore it is not only within the body. Understand and clarity, perception and enlightenment, and all movements (of the Spirit) are likewise this light.” – The Secret of the Golden Flower, a Chinese Book of Life

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